More and more of us are discovering there's a real sense of satisfaction in taking your own food from plot to plate.

To enable you to do this we have a huge range of seeds, fruit trees and bushes, tubers and corms and vegetable plants plus everything you need to grow your own produce in the garden or allotment including:

  • Propagators.
  • Grow Houses.
  • Gravel Trays.
  • Seed Trays and Inserts.
  • Peat Pots.
  • Tools.
  • Seed, Cutting, Vegetable Compost.
  • Soil Improver''s.
  • Willow Planters.
  • Herb and Strawberry Planters.
  • Potato Tubs.
  • Raised Beds.
  • Plant Protection Cloches.
  • Specialised and Organic Feeds
  • Associated Care Products.

We also stock all the products necessary to grow your own fruit and vegetables organically.